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Welcome to Al-Aser AlHadeth for Wooden Decorations

Our company specializes in securing premium timber from trusted suppliers around the world

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Al-Aser AlHadeth

Wooden masterpieces from Al-Aser AlHadeth are now roaming around the world!

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Our Services

Our services include wooden decoration ideas for your property

Geometric Wood Designs

We have designers and engineers specialized in designing wooden projects, with long experience in dealing, designing, and insurance.

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Wooden Geometric Schemes

Specialists in drawing schemes for all projects and designs.

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Detailing and Drilling Wood With The Latest Mechanisms

Wooden designs are endless in their creativity and art, whatever their shapes and sizes, they serve you in all the details of your decorations.

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Prepare Wooden Decorations

We serve you by providing modern kitchens, modern bedrooms and wardrobes in sizes that perfectly suit your needs.

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Wide choices of wood types to suit your needs

In the world of interior design and decoration, the highest quality wins in all professional standards and measures, and our vision today is to be in the first row among the international companies specialized in wooden decorations, which are trusted at the professional and ethical levels as well.

Alaeddin Abdullah Katbi

General Manager